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Guitar or Bass Lessons

fullsizeoutput_55cropped-fullsizeoutput_54.jpegOnce you set up a schedule for me to come to your home for lessons, set up a date and time to meet at Guitar Center so I can help you choose a decent instrument. Though the sales associates at guitar center are well qualified to sell guitars, I can give you a more detailed approach to finding the instrument that you could possibly own for a lifetime. I charge $40.00 for this and it is well worth it. If you already have an instrument to get started with to see if you are interested enough to get something better, then by all means, just schedule a date and time so we can get started.

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Lessons for the Modern Musician

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_213cDigital recording has changed the music business in many ways. Some things are easier & less expensive and on the other hand more complex & confusing. I teach mostly acoustic or electric guitar & 4-5 string electric bass. I will come to your home for private lessons if you are in my serving area.

If you want to begin playing guitar or bass and have no equipment at all or if you can already play an instrument or are already an advanced musician, you can hire me for gear & home studio consultation. The gear that you start with can make the beginning of your musical experience awesome, and if chosen correctly, this gear can last for many years to a lifetime.


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